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Our database-driven, dynamic portal system offers efficient turn-key solutions for WAP and WEB content providers.

Its modular structure makes it possible for our partners to offer tailor-made solutions, uniquely fitted to their needs, and the needs of their customers.

With the assistance of the easy to use administrative system, refreshing of the data requires the minimum of fuss.

Portal interface

The portal system may be used with a WEB or WAP interface. It can accommodate unique graphical and multi-media solutions, content and navigation structures required by our clients.

Portal functions

The functions of the MultiPortal system provides the basis of our portal solutions. The range of services is assembled on the basis of our clients’ needs. The major MultiPortal functions are as follows:

  • articles and pictures placed in required category
  • news
  • event list showing times (TV and radio, theater sales, concerts, other events)
  • internet guide with brief description and evaluation
  • forums
  • automatically generated e-mail newsletter
  • visitor feedback
  • archive
  • portal search
  • advertising banner server

Project WW started
PortoLogic Ltd. has become the IT service provider of the project WW.
We are looking for young designers. Click here for details.
February 12, 2011.