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At present WAPradar is the only Hungarian language WAP search service, which - in terms of functionality and the number of searchable Hungarian WAP pages - is way ahead of its foreign counterparts.

Features of WAPradar

  • Hungarian language WAP and WEB interface
  • skin support for easy customization of the WAPradar look and feel
  • complete national language and character set support
  • free word search in the whole Hungarian WAP
  • WAP pages located can be shown in WEB
    • WAP emulator with advanced Hungarian localization
    • fast and platform-independent text display
    • WAPradar cache-based display of defective or unavailable pages
    • display of source code of WAP pages
    • 9 different external WAP emulators integrated

WAPradar in Other Languages

Following the start of the Hungarian language WAPradar service, we are planning to expand WAPradar service into other language areas as well. At first, we intend to apply it to German language WAP pages.

Project WW started
PortoLogic Ltd. has become the IT service provider of the project WW.
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February 12, 2011.