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WAP is facing the problem that plagued the WEB during the early 90's. The users have no information concerning the content and services that affect them or which may be useful to them, due to the lack of search capability.

Recognizing this problem, we developed the first Hungarian WAP search service.


Using the WAPradar, end-users may easily, quickly at comfortably search, surf and try the Hungarian WAP.

WAPradar offers the advantages of the WEB to WAP users. End-users may use their PCs to find, look and test WAP services and pages. All this can be done cheaper and more comfortably than by using mobile handsets. The WAP addresses found using WAPradar can then be used anywhere and anytime later on the user’s mobile handset. Naturally, WAPradar also functions on mobile telephones.

What you should know about WAPradar

PMST technology and its possible applications

WAPradar may be accessed at the following addresses:

WEB   http://www.wapradar.hu
WAP   http://wap.wapradar.hu

Project WW started
PortoLogic Ltd. has become the IT service provider of the project WW.
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February 12, 2011.