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WAPradar is the WAP-based application of the PMST technology developed by Portologic Ltd.

PMST is a mobile search technology that enables free word search for the contents available for portable devices.

The language-, platform- and protocol-independent technology may be applied for all content searches, including multi-media content, using presently deployed as well as yet to be introduced standards and recommendations (such as WML/XML, I-mode compact HTML, HDML, HTML, PDA sHTML, etc.).

Some examples of the appliance of the PMST technology:

  • global and regional search systems
  • vertical (thematic) search engines
  • corporate information search and retrieval systems

Further Developments

Portologic Ltd. continuously enhances the WAPradar and the PMST technology, thereby creating new opportunities for the efficient use of mobile Internet.

We plan to expand WAPRadar services in a manner that will make WAP browsing more comfortable and more successful.

Project WW started
PortoLogic Ltd. has become the IT service provider of the project WW.
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February 12, 2011.